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Is your website ready for Google’s HTTPS changes?

By 22/08/2017September 30th, 2019HTTPS, Security

Google is at it again! Soon, millions of websites will be showing up as insecure and un-trusted. What’s worse, it affects how you interact with your customers!

In October this year, the latest versions of Google Chrome will start showing security warnings on web pages not protected by the HTTPS protocol that have a form on them… like a contact page form.

The HTTPS protocol is the thing that makes your web-communications secure through using the encryption of an SSL certificate. You can see the HTTP or HTTPS it at the start of a website URL.

As someone that uses contact forms on websites regularly, I can assure you that this is a good thing. When you are sending personal communications over the internet, you should want the data to be secure from prying eyes.

Form for http to https

As a website owner, this could be a problem!

If a security warning comes up when someone is trying to fill in a form on your website (or book your services for example), they may well not complete the form or submit it – resulting in a potential loss of leads or new customers.

SSL lock

Will your website be affected?

  • If you have no contact forms, then you have no worries. Carry on.
  • If you have contact forms and your website already uses https, then you have no worries. Carry on too.
  • But, if you do have a contact form – and – your website only uses the http protocol, then you will need to make a decision outlined below.
https warning from google

What do you need to do for your website?

This breaks down to 3 choices.

Do nothing:
(Not recommended)

Warnings will come up on each page with a form. This means website visitors will be much less likely to trust your web-forms enough to use them.

Get rid of your forms:
(Not recommended)

This means that the level of interaction will drop with your visitors. Some forms could be replaced by contact email addresses.

Upgrade to HTTPS:

This means your website will carry on as normal, with the layer of security increasing the trust in the interactions with your website.

We are here to help

Having completed the transition to HTTP for multiple websites, we are ready and able to fix. If you are affected by these changes and you want your website to continue functioning normally, we would love for you to call us on 07 3700 9788 or 0411 663 756.